Thursday, May 18, 2006

GLBT Letter to the Editor ROCKED!

I picked up today's GLT and there is a letter to the editor that ROCKED.

Here it is.

On my way to google this guy...

“Now the pride board has decided to perpetuate the myth that gays and lesbians are child molesters.”

Dear Editor:
Last year when I moved here I was astonished to see that the Greater San Diego Pride board let a group of bigots and homophobic politicians dictate who could participate in the pride festival. After it was pointed out that out of over a thousand members of the pride staff and volunteers there were three registered sex offenders and after the board was told by both the police department and the FBI that having these people participate was not a problem the pride board bowed to the bigots and politicians and forced these three people to resign. Then they forced the executive director of pride to resign who I understand was doing an excellent job. With over 86,000 registered sex offenders in California and with 3.5% of the people of California living in the City of San Diego there should be over 3,000 sex offenders living here. So three sex offenders for any group of just over a thousand is about average.
If that slap in the face to all gays and lesbians was not enough the pride board has come up with another ridiculous and demeaning policy for this year’s pride celebration. Now all gays and lesbians under the age of eighteen will be refused entry into the pride festival unless each is accompanied by a parent or guardian. Now the pride board has decided to perpetuate the myth that gays and lesbians are child molesters. If they checked the statistics on the internet they would know that 90% of all child molestations are committed by family members or friends, that 75% of the victims are girls and that 95% of child molesters are men with the vast majority leading a heterosexual lifestyle. A police officer friend said that a child is much more likely to be molested at a church social or family reunion that at a gay pride festival.
Last Monday after picking up my attorney at the airport I explained the pride board’s new policy to him. He said that he would love to represent a sixteen year old girl or boy who was denied equal access to the festival.
Looking at the actions of this pride board is it any wonder that we are called sissies and pansies. These people are not the caliber of those that stood up when they saw injustice at the Stonewall Inn in 1969 and in San Francisco in 1979 after the Dan White verdict in the trial following the assassination of Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone. I suggest that the members of the Greater San Diego Pride board resign and go home and cower in their own closets. Their pitiful squirming and compromising is an embarrassment to the gays and lesbians of San Diego. We are proud to be members of the LGBT community and they are not. They should save themselves the embarrassment and resign now before the gays and lesbians throw them out.

Charlie Sharples



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