Wednesday, June 21, 2006

a beginning

All -

I just got back from the Board meeting and I am on my way to my drag show, but I wanted to update the blog so you all know that the Board voted unanimously to revoke the discriminatory policy they had in place, and enact a NEW admissions policy where ALL are welcome, where no one will be denied entrance into our Pride Festival based upon their age. We will have a welcome tent for youth where they can get goodie bags, sign up to enter a contest to win a free iPod, AND they can GET IN FREE (thank you to Brit and Jane for sponsoring this).

And by the way, I want to thank everyone who helped make this happen. From the very start, I would like to thank Kelly, who was there, is ALWAYS there, when I was crying and feeling so helpless. I would like to thank Tami - who huffed it all over the neighborhood with me to get signatures for the petition.

I would like to thank, thank, and THANK Emily, my "partner in crime", on this - who's eloquence, and ability to make her point with ANYONE, proved to be so very vital to this process.

I would like to also thank my father. He helped me so much with the initial legal analysis of the policy, and was there for me to debate the argument and approach for our initial presentation. THANKS! (And of COURSE thanks to my Mom, for her editing skills and her love).

Thanks to Alex - who was there to make sure we had a strong youth perspective, and to Wendy Sue, who came in with her loving heart and steadfast love for our community. I would like to thank the Sisters for their staunch support, and Eric, who was there to lend his support and his precious words.

I would like to thank Ben, from XY Magazine - who gave us the much needed boost in pressure from the media - and who also re-affirmed that yes, we are doing the right thing!

Lastly, I would like to thank the Board of Directors of San Diego LGBT Pride (Bob and Jeri especially!), and to Ron DeHarte - who kept us in dialogue - thank you for making this decision. You made our community truly Proud!

Thank you to all, who signed the petition, wrote a letter to the Editor, spread the word about this. This truly is the power we have in our hands (and in our keyboards) - the grassroots, the netroots, we can make it happen.

There are so many people I have not named, but I wanted every single one of you to know that you made a difference. We made a difference.

With humility,


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